Business Description Type Region
Allo Vélo

Based in Montreal, imports and sell Danish cargo bike / trike brands like Bullitt, Triobike, Muli Cycles, Black Iron Horse, Carla Cargo self-powered trailers, and Butchers and Bicycles. They offer free Canada-wide shipping, 100% assembled. Those in Montreal can test ride and rent cargo bikes at the main store. Those in or near Mississauga can test the cargo bikes at The Beagle Bicycle Co as well.? Allo Vélo also has a department dedicated to fleet cargo bikes for last mile delivery services?and organizations across Canada with pricing as low as $295/month.

Box bike, Box trike, Electric assist, Long John, Utility bike Eastern, Direct
Argo Cargo bike kit

Sell a kit to convert bikes into bakfiets style cargo bikes.

Box bike, Utility bike Direct

A relatively new company that has a versatile mid-tail with lots of useful accessories such as racks, bags, etc. They've expanded dealers carrying them relatively quickly compared to many cargo bike companies. So may be in luck in being to find a dealer near you.

Electric assist, Mid-tail Eastern, Western, Direct
Bike Bike

Carries Bullitt, Yuba, XtraCycle, Nihola. Is a Calgary bike shop that carries cargo bikes and long-tail bikes as well as other urban-friendly bikes.

Box bike, Box trike, Long-tail Western
Bike Friday

Haul a Day. They?ship?to Canada.

Foldable cargo bike Direct


Ride effortlessly with the new Triobike Mono Mid Drive. The lightest and safest cargo bike on the market. Pre-order for 2020 and save through Allo Velo. Bonus Free shipping 100% assembled Canada wide.

Triobike Mono video

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